At Montdwell, we pride ourselves on a proven track record of successful project management, where each endeavor is meticulously planned, executed, and completed on time and within budget. Our team, with over 100 years of experience in construction management and development, is at the forefront of sustainable building practices, integrating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient designs to minimize environmental impact. Achieving this objective can be better managed with over 7 million square meters of experience in building residential, commercial, office properties, and urban houses.

With a keen eye on the future, we embrace novel technologies that enhance construction processes, ensuring superior quality and precision in every build. Net zero is not just a goal for us; it’s a commitment. We strive to achieve carbon neutrality in our projects, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable construction.

In the realm of smart homes, we blend modern comforts with cutting-edge automation, creating residences that are not only beautiful but also intelligent and energy-conscious. Our passion for innovation drives us to continuously explore and implement the latest advancements, bringing the future of construction into the present. Join us as we redefine the art of building, one sustainable and technologically advanced project at a time.

What our customers says about us?


Check out what our prior clients have to say about Quasar Trend Inc.’s services here:

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Quasar. They are hardworking and thorough and have been kind to everyone they work with.
Simply put, Amazing to work with Quasar Trend Inc from start to finish despite all the difficulties during the project.
They take the time up front to design and then the product reflected that. They also make you feel like very comfortable and the staff is top notch. I have referred lots of client for various building , construction and renovations projects and for many positive feedbacks. All in all, a true all- inclusive remodelling.
Highly recommended
Amir is highly experienced and knowledgable in the construction field. Not only is he a professional construction manager, but also has a very nice personality that makes it really easy and comfortable to work with. I strongly recommend working with Amir for your next construction project. You wouldn't regret!
We had the pleasure of working on numerous projects with Quasar Trend Inc headed by Amir Firooz whom with his Engineering background as well as numerous construction certificated such as OBC and Construction management, combine that with his Real Estate License and overall knowledge of the market, Amir provides second to none package to his clients. You will not experience a more organized, well planned and impeccable execution.
Despite Amir being the “big boss” he is still very easy to access and will act more like a friend and you’ll find you can ring him virtually any time to seek clarifications or advice.
As a trade working with Amir, we’ve learned that Amir respects the home owners wish list and his attention to details are admirable. Amir will not compromise for anything less and as such, trades are left with no choice to deliver what Amir and his clients want.
We have no hesitation in recommending Quasar Trade to anyone interested in building or renovating a home and will solicit their services ourselves if and when we are in need of his services.
I have worked with Quasar’s professional team for several year and have had cooperation on projects of different scales. As a professional in the construction field, I recommend Quasar Trend for construction and project management services.
I had a very good experience working with Quasar. Work mastery and correct timing were obvious characteristics.
Review Note:

I have been working with Quasar Trend Inc. since 2019. Managing the project to comply with the code and safety is the company’s priority. Amir and Shervin are very customer oriented and organized. They are attentive to the details and supervise everything to be precise and accurate. I always get paid based on our agreement and on time. It’s always been a pleasure w working with a Quasar Trend Inc.
We work on over 20 projects with Quasar Trend INC, and their work is phenomenal. We are very impressed with their engagement with the challenges and professionalism of their approach. Highly recommend Quasar Trend Inc.

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When it comes to us, real estate agents, quality and finishes make the job a whole lot easier. Quasar products are buyer friendly!

Andre Kutyan

Real Estate Agent (Harvey Kalles)

When I went to see a house built by Quasar Trend Inc., for the purpose of showing to one of my clients, I was at awe of the level of sophistication, detailing, quality of materials, level of thought put into the house and its overall beauty. The house had every single element of a dream house. Mr. Firooz, the owner of Q.I is a perfectionist at its best. I have seen his other works since then and every time I am amazed at what he does. I congratulate Quasar Trend Inc. for the excellent job done and highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to own a perfect house.

Shana Mirshahi

Real Estate Agent (Century 21)

I have had the pleasure of working with Amir for the past few years and over time, I have learned that Amir puts a lot of pride and effort in his profession “Building homes, not houses”, there is a big difference between a home and a house.

Amir thrives on bringing new ideas on to his work and also respects and welcomes ideas from his trades for new, innovative and more efficient products to build better homes.

I, as a contractor, look for builders who respect their trades and looking for long lasting and healthy relationships with respect to quality work and yet, making sure the trades provide the quality work they are hired to deliver. It seems I have been fortunate to be one of those contractors with Amir. Looking forward to start on the next project.

V & P Enterprises.

Jay Hovanessian (president)