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Home Additions Contractor in Toronto, with Your Interest in Mind

MontDwell Group specializes in comprehensive home addition services, equipped with the expertise and resources to revamp your entire house. Whether you desire an addition at the front or back of your home or wish to add a second floor to your bungalow, we have you covered. Explore some remarkable examples of what you can achieve through house remodeling:

Explore our range of exceptional home addition services to transform your bungalow house:

  1. Second Floor Addition: Elevate your bungalow with a brand-new second floor, creating additional living space and enhanced aesthetics.
  2. Bedroom and Bathroom Expansion: Add extra bedrooms or bathrooms to accommodate your growing needs, making your home more spacious and functional.
  3. Open Concept Kitchen: Enlarge your kitchen with a modern, open concept design by adding an extension or removing walls, fostering a more connected and inviting space.
  4. Primary Bedroom and Spa Bathroom: Utilize the space above your garage to create a luxurious primary suite with a spa-like bathroom, offering ultimate relaxation and comfort.

Our expertise can bring these incredible ideas to life and turn your current bungalow into a dream home that suits your evolving lifestyle.

Advantages of Home Additions for Home Owners in Toronto

At MontDwell Group, our exceptional home additions bring many advantages that elevate your living experience and fulfill your unique requirements. When you choose our home addition services, you can expect the following benefits:

  1. Expansive Living Spaces: Our home extensions in Toronto provide the perfect solution for those seeking extra room for their growing families or evolving lifestyles. We excel at crafting well-designed spaces that seamlessly blend with your existing home, giving you the additional square footage you need.
  2. Tailored Comfort and Functionality: Every homeowner has specific needs and preferences. With our expertise, we’ll work closely with you to customize the new space according to your vision, ensuring maximum comfort and functionality.
  3. Cost-Effective and Practical Solutions: Avoid the hassle and expenses of moving to a larger house with our cost-effective home additions. Our home addition solutions offer a practical approach to meeting your space requirements while adding value to your property.
  4. Property Value Boost: Our quality home additions not only fulfill your current needs but also increase the overall value of your property. You can confidently invest in your home, knowing it will appreciate over time.
  5. Personalized Designs: We believe in creating unique spaces that reflect your personality and style. We are home addition contractors who collaborate with you to design and construct a home addition that truly reflects your vision.
  6. Compliance and Efficiency: Our extensive knowledge of zoning regulations ensures that your home addition project complies with local laws. You can trust us to handle all the necessary permits and paperwork, making the process smooth and efficient.
  7. Harmonious Family Living: Home additions are ideal for accommodating extended family members or creating separate living spaces for specific needs. We can help you design the perfect space to foster harmonious family living.

Types of Home Additions We Offer

At MontDwell Group, we are your go-to solution for all types of home additions and extensions, such as:

  1. Second Floor Addition
  2. Room Addition
  3. Bump-Out Addition (Side Home Addition)
  4. Sunroom or Conservatory
  5. Garage Conversion
  6. In-Law Suite
  7. Multi-Room Home Addition
  8. Dormer Addition
  9. Mudroom Addition
  10. Outdoor Living Space
  11. Kitchen Expansion

Second Floor Additions in Toronto

Expanding your living space by adding a second storey or building up presents an excellent opportunity to avoid moving while still gaining the needed space.

Numerous reasons may stop you from leaving your current neighborhood, such as enjoying the pleasant environment around you or staying close to the city’s amenities.

Opting to build up instead of out proves to be a more advantageous choice. Toronto boasts a plethora of bungalows, making it an ideal location for embracing vertical expansion to meet your evolving needs.

In many instances, the available space may limit your options for home expansion, leaving upward expansion as the most viable solution.

We are a second-floor home addition company specializing in helping you maximize your living space by opening up the main floor and adding a second floor.

With this approach, you can enjoy the luxury of several bedrooms and bathrooms on the newly added second level. The benefits of adding a second floor to your home are twofold – it provides both financial advantages and valuable additional space.

Beyond the practical benefits, an upward extension offers the potential to embrace beautiful views that elevate your overall living experience. Moreover, a second-storey home extension can enhance your property’s value, making it a sound investment for the future.

Room Addition in Toronto

Room addition refers to expanding an existing home by adding one or more new rooms. It is a popular home improvement option for homeowners who need more space to accommodate their growing family, changing lifestyle, or specific functional needs. Room additions can also be undertaken for aesthetic reasons to enhance the overall appearance and value of the property.

Room additions in Toronto offer increased living space and personalized solutions to suit your unique needs.

They are a cost-effective way to avoid moving, enhance property value, and create functional areas like home offices, guest bedrooms, or additional bathrooms. With room additions, you can enjoy the comforts of a larger home while remaining in the neighborhood you love, providing future flexibility for changing family dynamics.

Bump Out or Side Addition in Toronto

In Toronto, a bump-out or side addition refers to a home expansion project that involves extending a specific area of the house, usually a room or section, outward from its original footprint. This type of addition does not include expanding the entire floor plan but focuses on creating additional space in a targeted area. Bump-outs are commonly used to enlarge rooms like kitchens, dining areas, or bedrooms, while side additions extend the home sideways, providing extra square footage for specific purposes.

The advantages of bump-out or side additions in Toronto include cost-effectiveness compared to larger-scale expansions, targeted space enhancement to accommodate specific needs, and the preservation of yard space. They are an excellent solution for homeowners wanting more room in particular areas without undergoing extensive renovations or sacrificing outdoor spaces.

Sunroom or Conservatory

In Toronto, a sunroom or conservatory refers to a home addition designed to provide a space where homeowners can enjoy the outdoors while still being sheltered from the elements. Sunrooms are typically enclosed with large windows, allowing ample natural light and offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Conversely, conservatories are:

  • More elaborate sunrooms.
  • Often featuring glass walls and roofs.
  • Creating a greenhouse-like environment for cultivating plants.

The advantages of sunrooms or conservatories in Toronto include an increased connection to nature, additional living space that can be used year-round, and enhanced property value.

These versatile house additions offer a serene retreat for relaxation and entertainment, allowing homeowners to enjoy the beauty of nature while being protected from adverse weather conditions.

Garage Addition and Conversion

A garage addition refers to constructing a new garage or expanding an existing one to create additional space for vehicles and storage. It offers practical benefits like protecting cars from the elements and providing extra storage for tools and equipment. On the other hand, a garage conversion involves repurposing an existing garage into a functional living area such as a home office, guest suite, gym, or recreational room.

The advantages of garage addition and conversion in Toronto include maximizing available space, increasing property value, and offering versatility in customizing the room to meet specific needs.

Garage additions provide practicality and convenience, while garage conversions allow homeowners to transform unused garage areas into valuable, purposeful living spaces that suit their lifestyles.

In-Law Suite

Also known as a granny flat or secondary suite, an in-law suite typically includes its own bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and living area, providing privacy and independence while connected to the primary residence.

The advantages of in-law suites in Toronto include the following:

  • Providing a comfortable and private living space for elderly parents or adult children.
  • Fostering multigenerational living arrangements.
  • Offering a convenient option for hosting guests.

In-law suites also present potential rental income opportunities and can add value to the property. They serve as a flexible and practical solution for accommodating changing family dynamics and maximizing available space within the home.

Multi-Room Home Addition

Multi-room home addition goes beyond adding a single room. It may include creating additional bedrooms, bathrooms, a larger kitchen, a family room, or any combination of spaces to meet the homeowner’s specific needs.

The advantages of a multi-room home addition in Toronto are extensive. It offers the opportunity to significantly increase living space, improve functionality, and accommodate growing families or changing lifestyle requirements.

Multi-room additions provide versatility and customization options, allowing homeowners to create their dream homes with all the necessary rooms and amenities without requiring a complete relocation.

Moreover, such additions can enhance property value and create a comfortable living environment for years.

Dormer Addition

A dormer addition in Toronto involves constructing a vertical extension on the roof of a house, typically to create additional headroom and usable space in the attic or upper floor. Dormers vary in size and design, ranging from small and straightforward shed dormers to more elaborate gable or hipped dormers.

Dormer addition expands living space, transforming previously underutilized attic areas into functional rooms such as bedrooms, home offices, or playrooms.

Dormers bring in more natural light and improve ventilation, enhancing the overall comfort of the upper-floor living spaces. Additionally, dormer additions can enhance the exterior aesthetics of the house, adding architectural interest and curb appeal. They are a cost-effective way to increase usable space without needing a full-scale addition and can significantly add value to the property.

Mudroom Additions

Mudroom additions in Toronto involve creating a transitional space between the outdoors and the main living area of a home. A mudroom serves as a functional area where homeowners can remove and store outdoor gear, shoes, and coats before entering the central part of the house.

It typically includes storage solutions like built-in shelves, hooks, and cubbies to keep belongings organized and out of sight. The advantages of mudroom additions are practical and aesthetic. They help keep the rest of the house cleaner by containing dirt, mud, and debris from the outside.

Mudrooms also provide a convenient space for storing seasonal items like boots, jackets, and umbrellas, reducing clutter in other home parts. Additionally, mudroom additions can enhance the overall organization and efficiency of the household, making it easier to maintain tidy and welcoming living space.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living space additions in Toronto involve creating functional and inviting areas outside the main dwelling where homeowners can relax, entertain, and enjoy the outdoors.

This can include constructing features such as patios, decks, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and seating areas. The advantages of outdoor living space additions are numerous.

They provide an extension of the indoor living area, allowing homeowners to make the most of their outdoor surroundings and enjoy the beautiful Toronto weather.

Outdoor spaces are ideal for entertaining guests and hosting gatherings, creating memorable experiences with family and friends. Moreover, outdoor living spaces can promote physical and mental well-being, offering a tranquil retreat to unwind and connect with nature.

By enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of the property, outdoor living space additions can also contribute to increasing the home’s value and desirability in the real estate market.

Kitchen Extension

Kitchen extensions involve expanding the existing kitchen area to create more space and improve functionality. This can be achieved by adding square footage to the kitchen by extending it outwards or reconfiguring adjacent rooms.

Kitchen expansions provide extra room for food preparation, storage, and dining, allowing homeowners a more spacious and efficient kitchen.

Kitchen extensions also offer the opportunity to incorporate modern design elements and features, making the space more aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable.

Increasing the kitchen’s size allows homeowners to accommodate larger appliances and add convenient amenities, enhancing the cooking experience.

Furthermore, a thoughtfully designed kitchen extension can enhance the home’s value and increase its attractiveness to prospective buyers.

Our Home Additions Process

Home Additions Consultation Stage

At MontDwell Group, we believe in beginning all our projects with a thorough consultation, regardless of their size.

Our professionals will meticulously evaluate your property and hold detailed discussions to grasp the specific modifications you have in mind.

This consultation is crucial to understanding your expectations and ensuring we have a clear project vision.

Moreover, it provides valuable information about the site, helping us determine the project’s feasibility.

Our goal at MontDwell Group is to help our clients find creative home addition solutions, turning their dreams and desires into reality.

During the consultation, we carefully listen to your goals, plans, budget, and dreams, asking follow-up questions to comprehend your vision thoroughly.

We will then review our process and set clear expectations for what we will bring to your project, ensuring transparency and satisfaction throughout the journey.

Design Development for Home Extensions

At Quasar Trends, we understand that every addition project is unique, and that’s why we take a personalized approach to creating a realistic and custom plan tailored to your expectations and the distinct features of your home.

During the design development stage of your home addition project, we delve into the project’s specifics, taking precise space measurements and creating detailed layout drawings.

We recommend finalizing all elements before commencing construction to ensure seamless progress throughout the project.

You’ll have the opportunity to choose designs from our existing catalogue or collaborate with us to create new custom designs that align perfectly with your specifications.

If homeowners need clarification about their preferences, our experts will guide the design selection process, ensuring informed decisions are made.

Once the design process of your home extension is completed, we will present you with a comprehensive project plan outlining your selections, ideas, colour schemes, visuals, and costs.

We value your input throughout the design development process, as it allows us to capture all your expectations and deliver a remodelling project that reflects your vision.

Design Plans for Your Future Home Addition

Before turning your house extension designs into reality, we conduct a meticulous review phase to eliminate any room for error. This involves collaborative meetings with our interior designer and architect to thoroughly examine all plans and drawings, ensuring they align with your expectations.

We understand the significance of ensuring your love for the designs on paper, so we utilize advanced 3D renderings to give you a precise visual representation of your home addition. This empowers you to explore various options, make changes, and compare ideas, rehearsing your home’s appearance.

This phase is crucial as it allows you and our designers to make all necessary adjustments before commencing the project, preventing costly and time-consuming changes once construction is underway.

We Begin the Home Additions Construction

Once you’ve approved the design plans for your home addition, the construction process begins with demolishing the renovation site.

At Quasar Trends, we understand the potential inconvenience a construction project can cause, and we strive to minimize its impact on the rest of your home.

Securing all the essential permits and approvals from local authorities is paramount, particularly for projects involving substantial changes such as home extensions or whole-house renovations.

Our home additions expert supervisor will diligently oversee the project, providing regular progress reports and addressing any concerns you may have. We will ensure safety by barricading the worksite or erecting temporary walls if needed.

Our supervisor will readily answer your questions throughout the home addition construction and inform you about the project’s developments. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our priorities at every process stage.

Completing Your Home Extension Project

Upon project completion, you can inspect the work done, guided by our project supervisor and manager, to ensure your satisfaction.

At Quasar Trends, we aim to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. You are also welcome to bring in an independent inspector if you wish.

Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering, and we will only leave your property once we are sure you are happy with the results.

Our home addition services include a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind. Should you discover anything that requires fixing, our standby experts will be promptly called to address it.

If you encounter any concerns after the project completion, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, as we are always just a phone call away, ready to assist and ensure your continued satisfaction.


Additions versus Extensions

Addition, as the name implies, involves adding square footage to the existing living space of a home. This is typically done by building out from the home on the main floor or building a second story.

Usually “addition projects” come to mind when a family is growing in size, but they do not wish to sell their home and move into something bigger. It’s often due to financial, sentimental, and preferred location reasons.

An extension means the same thing as an addition except it’s usually only used for main floor expansion rather than adding more floors.

Addition or extension projects offer additional necessary space for home occupants and can provide more or bigger bedrooms, closets & storage, additional washrooms, showers or tubs, chef-friendly kitchens, bigger living spaces, or a combination of all.

While an Addition project is underway, you may also be upgrading your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC capacities to service the new space, as well as ensuring your home meets the current building codes.

Years Established

Completed Projects



Addition/Extension projects are well regulated by municipalities and have certain limitations and strict guidelines that must be carefully studied and followed. Obtaining the permit is an inseparable part of every addition/extension project. Like a new build project, your City or town will expect contractors to register for stage inspections. Contractors must make sure that they do not bypass any of the stages before the city inspector visits, including passing the previous stage. Bylaws also impose limitations on how much living space you can add. Limitations exist for width, height, length, and maximum square footage, similar to new construction requirements. The limitations will vary depending on lot size, proximity to neighbours and municipality regulations in effect for the area.


A structure must be capable of handling the extra weight imposed by adding a second or third floor. For this type of Addition, the existing footing and foundations must be reinforced (underpinned) if what’s existing isn’t strong enough. Therefore, consultation with a structural engineer is the first step to take before any architectural plans are prepared. The structural engineer may have to expose a part or parts of existing footings to determine if the footing is safe for the addition project or not. If the addition is only involving an extension of the main floor, there might be no need to examine the old footing. A new footing must be poured for the newly built part of the house, deep enough to pass the area’s frost line. This requirement will vary depending on the weather conditions of the area where the house is located. For colder environments like Toronto, a minimum of four feet is necessary to ensure frost line requirements are met whereas for warm climates like that of Florida a concrete slab would be sufficient. You may opt to extend your basement while you are adding to your main floor total area, although excavation and soil removal will require a bigger budget. Proximity to adjacent homes plays an important role in a basement extension operation. The closer the homes are to each other, the more dangerous it is to dig deeper. Your engineer may advise you to perform shoring to help safeguard the neighbouring property from dangers arising from excavating close to their foundation. This would also represent an impact on your budget.


Framing, insulation, wiring, plumbing, HVAC, and all operations must follow the most updated building code requirements. Smart homeowners will take advantage of the time their home is undergoing an addition or extension to also upgrade the existing part of their homes.

If old wiring is found that no longer meets code it’s important to update it to current standards throughout your home to avoid electrical fires. Some people choose to replace all their old copper plumbing with flexible tubing and their water heaters with tankless heating systems. Others reinsulate while their walls are open. If you are thinking of adding to your home space, we are always available to give you expert consultation. Please contact us and leave a message and we shall get back to you within 48 hours.

Required Documents for Home Additions in Toronto

Home Addition Permits

A building permit is an official authorization required to begin construction and home addition. Our engineer will carefully review and endorse the architectural drawings for the permit process.

In Toronto, compliance with the city’s bylaws is essential for permit approval, ensuring that the new construction or addition is safe for habitation.

The timeline for obtaining a building permit for home additions in Toronto typically ranges from 15 to 20 days, depending on the project’s size. With complete and accurate documentation meeting all requirements, obtaining the permit is straightforward.

Constructing a home extension without the necessary permit may result in a substantial “work without permit” penalty, which could be 50% of the permit fees for the project or $200, whichever is greater.

However, you can avoid such penalties by choosing MontDwell Group. We prioritize obtaining all necessary permits before starting your project, ensuring a smooth and compliant construction process.

HVAC Permit for Your Home Extension

As you add more space to your home, you’ll likely need to adjust your heating system. This may involve adding new radiators, ducts or upgrading your boiler or furnace system.

Our mechanical engineer will provide stamped HVAC drawings, including heat loss calculations, which city officials will review to issue permits. These documents must outline the layout and details of the mechanical system, such as the type, location, and equipment size.

Duct design calculations and heat loss & heat gain calculations are also essential. Acquiring an HVAC permit is crucial to avoid fines and extra expenses.

Permits ensure that your property meets safety and structural standards and that all equipment operates efficiently. At MontDwell Group, our experts will guide you on whether you need an HVAC permit and assist you in applying.

Plumbing and Drain Permit for Your House Expansion

A plumbing and drainage permit is necessary for any home addition project in Toronto that involves repositioning plumbing fixtures. This applies particularly to projects that include adding a kitchen or bathroom.

When undertaking a second-floor addition, our experts will request the documentation for plumbing work. However, some home addition projects in Toronto may not necessitate plumbing work or extending existing pipes from your house.

It is essential to verify local plumbing permit requirements before starting the work. Specific jobs may require a plumbing permit, such as re-pipes, drainpipe replacements, water heater installations, sewer replacements, and moving existing plumbing.

A re-pipe, involving changing some or all water supply pipes, is a significant project that would typically require a permit. Likewise, any work involving sewer lines will likely require a license to ensure compliance with safety codes.

If plumbing adjustments are part of the home addition plan, you can rely on us to help secure the required permits, ensuring a seamless and compliant process.

Environmental Report

Toronto has excelled in the environmental performance category, ranking first in North America and ninth globally. The city is dedicated to sustaining the environment and serving as a role model for energy-efficient urban centers. However, when building home additions in Toronto, a crucial consideration is the demolition process.

Older house demolitions can release hazardous substances into the environment, particularly from materials hidden behind walls, such as insulation, lead paint, and asbestos.

Therefore, obtaining an environmental report before commencing the home extension project is essential.

If lab tests identify certain designated products, remediation may be necessary before demolition. Construction and demolition waste remains a serious environmental concern, causing harm to the environment and contributing to increased energy consumption.

At MontDwell Group, we prioritize environmental responsibility and can assist you in obtaining an ecological report if required, ensuring a sustainable and safe renovation process.

Why Choose MontDwell Group‘s Home Additions Services?

MontDwell Group is one of Toronto’s top home addition companies, boasting an exceptional team of experts and all the essential resources to fulfill your home extension needs.

  1. Exceptional team of experts: Our skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering top-notch home addition solutions.
  2. Comprehensive home extension services: We specialize in all home additions, including home extensions, second-floor additions, and dormer additions.
  3. Personalized solutions: Our approach centers on providing customized and tailored addition plans to suit your unique needs and preferences.
  4. Versatility for different projects: Whether it’s your family home or an investment property, we have the expertise to handle various home extension projects.
  5. Initial consultation: We begin with a detailed assessment during an initial consultation to understand your project site and requirements.
  6. Affordable and luxurious options: We are known for delivering projects that balance affordability and luxury.
  7. Licensed architects and engineers: Our team includes licensed professionals who review all structural work and provide the necessary permit drawings.