While we are all witness to the continuous development of new construction low-rise and high-rise buildings, we are also seeing a growing base of the ageing apartment and condo units in desperate need of renovation or remodeling. Read more →


A concrete structure, like most of the towers we see in Toronto and neighbouring cities, have virtually limitless lives. However, the interiors of the units and common areas will need periodic renovation and maintenance every few years.

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A condo unit renovation is going to need coordination between the unit owner, contractor and condo management throughout the renovation process. Protection of elevators and common areas like hallways, proper dumping of construction debris, permitted working hours and so on are among the property management guidelines every contractor must understand and follow.

Scheduling dependability is of great importance to all concerned, and a well-trained team recognizes how important it is to complete the work as per the schedule given to the unit owner and building management.

As the units age condo unit owners may think of upgrading their kitchen, bathroom, closet, flooring or even adding some new pot lights on the ceiling. Any remodelling which may also include touching interior walls will have to be coordinated with and permitted by property management, as well as the municipalities for required permits and inspections.


Unlike townhouses and single-family homes, condos have interior concrete walls separating the units. This can limit remodelling design options as most of these concrete walls are load-bearing and cannot be changed in any substantial manner. There might be non-load bearing interior walls separating the spaces within the unit, and these are commonly made of aluminum studs and layered with drywall which is easy to dismantle to open up spaces.

Concrete structures transmit sound easily; property management and even the Police receive noise complaints from parties, loud conversations, even the TV or radio playing in the background. Even working within the hours permitted by building management, experienced contractors understand how much noise they can create. Coming up with a well-planned renovation schedule that minimizes noisy operations and limits them to the times of the day with the least impact on nearby neighbours.


Despite the unique challenges presented by a condo unit renovation, the right renovation can create a completely new environment for the owner, or solve substantial issues with the initial design. Also, an investment in a renovation can pay itself back by increasing the value of the unit considerably, a potentially attractive proposition should you be in a position to sell.

Many home flippers focus on only condo unit transformation; they buy, renovate within a few weeks and put the unit back on the market and sell with considerable profit.

There are also many buyers of new condo units who upgrade their units even before moving in. Most condo developers use basic materials for interior finishes, with a long list of upgrades available for a charge. Some purchasers buy the unit as a rental and don’t want to pay for any upgrades. Whoever eventually buys that unit sees the opportunity to add value to it while they own it and collecting on that value when they sell it.

As the count of condo units grows across the city, the need for expert renovators grows with it. If you are thinking of doing an upgrade to your unit, please contact us for a free consultation.