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For any construction operation, properly obtained permits are a necessity. While challenging for a typical homeowner, these permitting processes exist to protect the homeowners and neighbors against improper construction practices and certain potential health hazards.

For renovations, obtaining a permit might take a few weeks but it is well worth the time and effort to ensure that the investment you are making in your home factors in by-laws, zoning regulations, codes for plumbing, and electrical systems, and other critically important elements.

Not only does obtaining permits help to ensure your construction or renovation project is being managed to the legally recognized industry standards and requirements, but it can help you avoid unnecessary delays, costly repairs, and retrofits, and the dreaded stop-work orders that often befall non-permitted job-sites.

Failure to obtain required permits for any construction project, even the ones homeowners may think is not worth the paperwork, can have serious and potentially costly consequences. Non-permitted construction and renovation projects can interfere with selling your property down the road or filing insurance claims, among other effects.

Obtaining a permit, particularly when we talk about a new construction project, is anything but easy. Various departments and offices will closely examine your application with city staff/engineers who are skillful in detecting flaws and errors. Any inaccurate or incomplete permit application can result in significant delays. While this can be painful, these important permit processes are there for your protection.

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Other potential Certificates and Permits


In new construction projects, you may also need to apply to/for a Zoning Certificate, Landscaping Permit, Tree Permit, Heritage Permit, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Permit, Committee of Adjustment approval, and Building Permit. Any or all of these offices have the authority to deny your application, and each of them may need various documentation and/or drawings (or revisions) to meet their requirements.

A flawless permit application is the first step of a healthy construction project.


All this may sound complicated and time-consuming to the homeowner; that’s why hiring the right people to manage this process is one of the best decisions that homeowners can make. MontDwell Group makes obtaining permits smooth and easy for the homeowner with the help of our Architects, Designers, and office staff who are knowledgeable and experienced in the permitting process.

Leave the permit application with us, and you won’t regret it.