home renovation projects in Toronto and the GTA

Structural issues

Your home may have structural issues due to age or poor craftsmanship. We’ve identified numerous structure-related issues through our experience working in many home renovation projects in Toronto and the GTA, and here are a few of the more common ones.

• Cracked and broken floor joists
• Uneven floors
• Load-bearing posts not properly supported
• Tilted houses due to settled footings
• Cracked foundation walls
• Rotten and deteriorating roof members
• Presence of Mold, airborne Asbestos, or dangerous gasses
• Broken drain pipes or lead plumbing
• Outdated and dangerous electrical wiring

And the list goes on.

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Homes need maintenance too!

To remain in optimal condition while reducing unnecessary costs and maintaining market value, homes need periodic maintenance and upkeep.

Factors such as the geographical location and weather conditions, occupant’s behavior, methods and quality of construction, and included features all contribute to the type and frequency of maintenance required.

A well-built home typically needs minimal maintenance during the first 20 years. Usually, it’s smaller items like repairing the furnace or A/C, replacing worn plumbing fixtures and clogged shower-heads, performing grout repairs, and sealing minor air leaks around the windows.

Renovations might focus on cosmetic updates to outdated designs and materials by replacing floors, cabinetry, and fixtures. However, they might focus on structure-related issues such as damaged or missing shingles, wet basements, or squeaky floors, or involve removing walls or building additions. In any case, never take a healthy house for granted and always maintain it with care.

Hidden costs; increased value

A well-considered and executed renovation project can increase the value of your home and if desired, help it sell more quickly. Think carefully about your budget and don’t overspend for the neighbourhood your home is in. Importantly, pre-existing problems in the home are often exposed during a renovation so allocate 8-15% in the agreement to address the things that can not be foreseen. A few common examples many people are familiar with are the existence of asbestos, below-code wiring, leaks or mold behind the walls, cracked foundation walls, or rotten wall members.

Our commitment to you

At Quasar Trend we recognize that our client’s most valuable and precious asset is their home. Through our many years of successful operation, we’ve learned how we can best serve your needs and protect your asset in the following ways;

• We give you an accurate quotation and will finish the job successfully within the agreed-upon budget
• Our crew are fast and reliable, experienced, licenced and certified, insured and WSIB enrolled
• We guarantee your satisfaction.