One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when their families have outgrown their current home is that they sell their house and move to a bigger one. If you are one of those homeowners who are thinking about moving but also love the place or location you live, the best and the most budget-friendly option is to build a home addition. There are different types of home additions and extensions you can go for that will let you add square footage to your current property and customize it to meet your preferences and taste.

Since there are plenty of home addition options, including a sunroom, kitchen expansion, a second story, etc., it can take time to decide which is the perfect one for your home. So, this guide will help you choose the best one according to your taste, needs, and budget.

Just Remember This Before Starting a House Addition Project

Before you choose your project from the different types of home additions that we are about to introduce, you need to remember that adding extra footage or living space to your home is not just for boosting your home’s value.

Although high-quality home additions increase your property’s value, the main reason to go for these home improvement projects is to increase your lifestyle value.

If your current home is unsuitable for your needs, think about solving the problem with the correct home extensions. So, although you will learn the most important things about different types of home additions in this guide, we recommend you consult with a building contractor and ask for their recommendation on choosing the best addition for your home.

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Since home addition contractors know what is popular in your location or what features homes in your area have that yours doesn’t, they can help you to build an addition that will add value and functionality to your home. Additionally, they will allow you to increase the chance of attracting buyers in the future.

Now let’s take a deeper look at the best types of home additions that you can choose for your beloved house.

Most Popular Types of Home Additions

Although there are various types of home additions that you can choose from, some of them are the most popular and most efficient ones. Remember that you should choose the one that suits the best to your needs and budget. Additionally, the cost of each house extension depends on the style, size, materials, and features.

popular types of house extension

1: Traditional House Additions

The first addition we want to discuss is the conventional house addition, a structure with more than one room accessible from your current home.

Suppose your home addition builders construct this extension well, accommodating your current home’s architectural designs and style. In that case, it can turn your property into a big house in a short period.

This addition can be used as a dining room, guest bedroom, bathroom, or even master bedroom.

traditional house addition

2: Bump-Out or Side Extension

Bump-out additions or side extensions are the best choices if you want to avoid creating an entirely new room.

These home additions are often created to make your kitchen larger or add more space to your living room or bedroom.

Bump-outs add square footage while working within your home’s space and layout. Additionally, side extensions are highly affordable and cost-effective solutions.

bump-out home additions

3: Second Story Addition

Homeowners who want to make a good investment while adding extra space to their homes should always go for a second-story addition.

With second-story extensions, you double your home’s current square footage and open the door to new possibilities.

One of the best things about these types of home additions is that they do not take away from any yard or garden space, so you can still enjoy your outdoor living space.

second story home addition

4: Beautiful Modern Sunrooms

Creating modern sunrooms brings the outdoors closer to you while offering the benefits of adding square footage to your house.

You may think that sunrooms cannot be used during winter. However, we should tell you that with efficient heating systems and sealed framing, you can enjoy your addition during all seasons.

One of the most exciting things about sunrooms is that some come as pre-fabricated designs that can decrease labor costs and provide a faster addition process to your home.

modern sunroom addition

5: Garage Additions

Suppose your home is missing a garage and you also want additional space to expand your home by the square foot; garage additions are your solution.

With these home extensions, you can add more space to create a home workshop, provide extra storage, and make the perfect and safe spot to park your car in.

You can also use your attached or detached garage addition as a bedroom or entertainment room.

modern garage additions

6: Basement Extension

Another type of home addition in Canada is a basement extension. When you choose basement additions, you can expect a home value increment.

The basement addition project involves house lifting, which requires digging out the soil beneath your home to create a new space for your home.

Although basement extension only sometimes happens in cities, some homeowners appreciate its benefits, including private space, entertainment rooms, additional bedrooms, bathrooms, and even kitchens. Lastly, it adds significant value to the property.

If you are considering creating a new basement for your home, you need to know that it can be expensive.

So, it would be best to consult with contractors and see if it is worth it.

On the other hand, if you have an old boring basement, renovating your basement would be the best choice.

basement extensions

7: Bathroom Additions

If you think that you need more than one or two bathrooms for your family, then you can choose bathroom additions. However, you must ensure your home has enough space to add an extra bathroom. If it is hard for you to determine, it is better to consult a contractor.

The most common and practical places for adding a new bathroom to your home are the basement and the space attached to your master bedroom. Another option is sacrificing a closet or storage space to add a simple bathroom.

modern bathroom additions

How Much Do Home Additions Cost On Average?

Home expansion costs are generally broken down depending on various factors and considerations. Although there is an average cost for most home addition projects in Canada, the room size, labor, materials, and type of home addition will affect the overall costs.

So, if you want an accurate answer, you need to contact a general contractor and ask for a precise estimation. But, the answer to the question is that home addition costs about $45,800 on average.

The materials and features will also affect the overall price. However, a more accurate estimation is calculated based on square footage.

Here is also a calculated price on square footage:

  • 200 square feet: $11,500 – $29,000
  • 400 square feet: $32,000 – $80,000
  • 600-1000 square feet: $48,000 – $200,000
cost of home additions

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Home Addition Type for Your House

Now that you know which home addition is the best for you, you still need to take some consideration to avoid any investment risk. Ask the following question yourself and answer them to make sure the addition you choose will be the best choice for your property.

  • Will My Family Size Change? If not, bump-out can be an efficient choice since it is affordable. But, if yes, you need to consider the future and add enough space to your home to ensure everyone will live comfortably in your family with story additions, bedroom additions, or even basement additions.
  • Will My Financial Situation Change in the Future? If your starting a family and are on a budget, it would be best to minimize the cost of your house improvement. But, if you see yourself as a successful person who will be in a higher economic position in a few years, you may regret not investing in better home extensions. On the other hand, if you want to retire in a few years, then it will not be wise to take a mortgage to pay for a significant home addition project.
  • Will This Home Extension Add Useful Real Estate Value to My Home? If you plan to sell your home in the near future, then it won’t be an excellent choice to choose significant additions such as story or garage additions. However, if you are a person who wants to invest in their home, selecting the expansion that can add the most value to your beloved home in a couple of years will be the best decision.