Second-story additions are one of your best options if you are a homeowner in Toronto and want to upgrade your home to add value and space.

Home renovations and improvements have been growing increasingly in the past few years due to the price increment of real estate.

Since we understand many homeowners need clarification when it comes to home additions and wants to invest safely, we will break down every essential piece of information about second-story additions to help you overcome the challenge and achieve your dream home.

Let’s get started.

Second-Floor Addition Options in Toronto

If you are considering second-floor additions for your home in Toronto, you need to know that you have three primary options and approaches, which are:

1: Building the Second-Story Home Addition From Scratch

The most complex way of adding a second story to your home is to create an entirely new upper level from scratch.

This process requires professional home addition builders to remove the existing roof and add your second floor over the first floor of your house.

You should also know that some builders remove the existing roof and reattach it after installing a new structural framing to your home for a new level to complete the second-story addition project.

second-floor addition options

2: Expanding Your Home On an Existing Floor

Your home may have an upper level that spans only part of your first floor.

In this case, if you have a living space or garage featuring a flat floor, you can quickly expand your second floor across these portions and build a beautiful and functional addition.

3: Adding Modular Home Addition

The last common option for second-story additions in Toronto is modular additions.

These home additions are constructed off-site and installed on the top of your home’s first floor.

Benefits of Second-Story Home Additions

Now, let’s look at the most important advantages and benefits that second-story home additions offer for homeowners in Toronto.

1: Adding Extra Living Space

Adding extra square footage to your home is the first benefit that second-floor home additions offer.

This extra living space can be used as bedrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, and other rooms with different functionalities.

2: Keeping Outdoor Space

Adding a second floor to your home can prevent outward expansion and losing beautiful outdoor space.

This means that with second-story home additions, you can keep your outdoor space and use it for other landscaping or remodeling projects.

benefits of second-story home additions

3: Adding Significant Value to Your Home

We all want to add value to our property, and quality home additions can do that for us by increasing the square footage of our homes.

If your home features a second-floor addition, you can sell it at a higher price. So, you can already see that adding a second floor is a safe investment.

4: Design and Style Upgrade

One of the benefits of second-story home additions is that they give you the opportunity to redesign the flow of your property.

For example, suppose you have a bedroom on the first floor that you think can be used for other purposes, such as a home gym or entertainment center. With home additions, you can relocate your bedroom to your new space and turn the room into the exciting room you always wanted.

5: You Don’t Need to Sell Your Beloved Home

We understand that you do not want to leave your beloved home because of the space shortage. So, with quality home additions, you can add the required extra space without selling your home or moving to another property.

Additionally, finding a new house that accommodates your taste and preferences can take time and effort.

Essential Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Home Addition Contractor

Before you start your addition remodeling project, there are some essential factors that you need to consider.

  • Your Budget: Before you contact a home building contractor in Toronto, you need to assess your budget and the potential cost of your second-story project.
  • Partial or Full Second-Story Addition: Knowing if you want to add a new floor to your home or need only a small section is crucial.
  • Project Timeline: Before hiring a contractor, you must coordinate your timeline in case you need to move out during the home addition process.
  • Codes and Permits: Obtaining the correct permits for your second-floor addition project is essential to complete your project smoothly and legally. Most general contractors in Toronto will get the permits for you.
  • Stairs: Since second-floor additions will add a new level to your home, you need to consider the staircases to access your new room.
  • Plumbing, Electricity, and HVAC: You should know that every home addition project includes plumbing, electric, heating, and cooling system installation.
  • Your Home’s Foundation: Before starting your project, contact a professional to inspect your home and see if the foundation can provide enough support to add a new floor to your property.
second floor addition considerations

Second-Story Additions Cost

second-floor addition cost

The average cost of second-story home additions in Toronto is $245 per square foot.

This average cost includes framing out your second-story extension and interior finishes with mediocre materials.

Permits, plans, and drawings are accounted for in the second-floor addition projects.

  • Drawing and Permits average cost: $15 per square foot
  • Demolition: $30 per square foot
  • Building Process and Labor: $100 per square foot
  • Interior Finishes: $100 per square foot

How to Start Your Second-Floor Home Additions Project?

The most daunting thing about the second-floor home addition project is that most homeowners don’t know where and how to start, right?

Let us show you how you can start your project easily and quickly.

1: Consult With Professional Contractors

The first thing you should do is find a reliable construction firm. Most contractors will arrange a meeting for consultation.

During the consultation stage, the project manager and builders will help you take measurements and find the best approach for your second-story addition project.

2: Planning and Designing Your Second-Story Additions

second story additions process

In the second stage, contractors will gather their team of architects, designers, and project managers to plan and design your second-floor addition projects.

3: Construction Process

After your general contractor obtains the necessary permits and contracts, they will send their team of professional builders to start constructing your home addition.

4: Finishing

When your project is completed, you need to check if all your requirements are adequately served and if you are happy with your new home addition.